Noah's Ark Photos!

It is possible that these Ark pieces have been moved, or destroyed, since these photos were taken in 1972 and 1989.   Many more Ark photos, and enlargements, are below!


Noah's Ark was a big floating barn, not a boat!

Above Left:   Ed Davis saw these two pieces of Noah's Ark in 1943.   There are links to the Ed Davis story below.   This photo was taken by Eryl Cummings in 1972.   Focus on the lower object.   You are looking at the eastern summit of Mt. Ararat.

Above Center:   Lower piece of Noah's Ark enlarged.   As in all photos taken from a distance, enlarging causes the resolution to suffer.   An enhancement is shown below.

Above Right:   Mt. Ararat as seen 7/6/07 from Yerevan, Armenia, courtesy  

Notice that very large timber coming out of the lower piece of Noah's Ark.   Ed Davis told researcher, Ray Anderson to look for that.

This is Ed Davis in 1987:    

Here's what Ed told Ray:   Ed Davis said that he was taken down past the crevasse, and its object, where he got a good close up look, and described it in detail to me. ( Ray Anderson )   Ed said one thing in particular, that he remembered, was a huge long timber, sticking through a hole in the side of the superstructure portion. He told me ( Ray ) to look for that in my picture, and I probably could see some smaller ones protruding through the front of the superstructure.   He was told by his Kurdish friends, that these were projected toward the front of the structure, when it slid into the crevasse, and rammed against a stone wall, inside the crevasse.

You can clearly see that large timber coming out of the Ark piece in the photos above and below.

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Noah's Ark Has Been Found!

Scroll down for more photos, and copyright information.

A word to the skeptics who want to complain that the photos are " grainy ". When a photo is taken from some distance, as these are, and then greatly enlarged, the quality suffers.   If you stop complaining, and take the time to research Mt. Ararat, and learn about the difficulty in reaching these locations, you will be amazed that the quality, of these photos, is as good as it is.

There are those who are quick to ask for proof about these photos.   What would it take to examine these pieces more thoroughly?

First, one would have to get to the sites at a time when there was an unusual melt back of the ice pack.   The melt back would have to be to an extent that is only possible once or twice in a 20 year period.   Predicting the amount of melt back is impossible, and it takes a minimum of about 5 days to get to this area, plus all the time needed to get all the required permits.

Second, the area is extremely dangerous.   Many have lost their lives on this mountain, even with all the latest types of climbing equipment.   In many places the surface is a thin ice crust, which one might fall through, and end up injured, or killed, at the bottom of a crevasse.

The most promising method to get to these sites is probably by helicopter, and that is no picnic.   The combination of unpredictable winds and frigid temperatures would make it extremely dangerous to try to lower a person from the helicopter down to the Noah's Ark pieces, to take samples.   It is doubtful that a helicopter could land near these Ark pieces under any circumstances.   If you want to try, contact Chuck Aaron.   He runs a helicopter company in Florida, and has flown a helicopter over Ararat a number of times.

The truth is, there are thousands of things, which are accepted as fact today, for which there is no absolute proof.   Most of those demanding verification are ones who are desperately trying to hold on to belief in the myth called evolution.   I have even had a couple of evolutionists try to say that these Ark pieces are rock.   Do they look like rock to you?

We present these photos as evidence.   When considered in combination with the eyewitness reports, the only reasonable conclusion, that one can draw from this information, is that pieces of Noah's Ark still exist today, deeply buried in as much as 100 ft. of glacial ice, most of the time, in the locations, which have been identified.   They are visible on the surface, only on rare occasions, during times of extreme melt-back on the mountain.

Before we begin, it is important to state again, that these photos are extremely rare.   You are only going to see these pieces of the Ark exposed, during times of extreme melt back of the ice pack near the eastern summit of Ararat.   Over 99% of the time, these pieces are buried deeply in glacial ice, and are not detectable by any reliable means.   In addition, Mt. Ararat is covered with clouds, most of the time.

On the photo below, begin by focusing your attention on the Abich II glacier, and especially the " i " in Abich II.   Just below the words, Abich II is a crevasse.   In that crevasse, just below the " i " in Abich, buried deep in the crevasse, is the piece of Noah's Ark that Ed Davis told researchers to look for,- the one with a very large beam of wood coming out of the side.

Ararat eastern summit area                           enlarged area of Ark piece

               further enlargement pre enhancement                           artist enhanced image

If you would like to print a one page poster with the above photos, so that you can share this information with family and friends, click here:       Noah's Ark Poster

If you would like to print wallet sized photos of the upper ark piece, so that you can share this information with family and friends, click here:       Wallet sized photos of upper piece

Except for the uppermost photo taken by Chuck Aaron and Bob Garbe, these photos above, were taken from the air in 1972 or 1973 by veteran Ark searcher Eryl Cummings.   He was focusing on an area below the Ark piece, making the piece slightly out of focus.   The photo editing to make the piece more visible was done by another veteran Ark searcher, Ray Anderson, who passed away in late 2007.   More information can be found on his web site,

Noah's Ark Fact Not Fiction

Below is a photo of another piece of Noah's Ark.   It was taken in 1989, by Turkish professor, and veteran mountain climber, Dr. Ahmet Ali Arslan.   This area is extremely dangerous.   Arslan described it as a crust of ice covering deep crevasses.   He could hear water running beneath his feet.   Arslan risked his life to get to about 1/4 mile from this Ark piece.   He said that it looked like a chicken coop, or a barn.   This piece appears to be in the same crevasse, about 1000 ft. in elevation below the other piece.   The mountain in the background, to the upper left, is either Little Ararat, or a much smaller mountain, called Mt. Haydar.

It has come to my attention that, the negative, from which this photo was obtained, was at one time copyright by Robin Simmons/George Adams, Arslan's climbing companions.   I was surprised to receive an e-mail from Robin, recently, and have exchanged a number of e-mails with him.   It is his opinion that the mountain in the background of the 1989 photo is a smaller mountain called Mt. Haydar.   I feel it is much too large to be Mt. Haydar.   I still think that the mountain in the left rear of the Arslan photo is Little Ararat.   Whether it is Little Ararat, or Mt. Haydar, doesn't change the fact, that a piece of the Ark is in that location.

Are there other reasonably large pieces of the Ark yet to be discovered?   I think it is likely.   Robin is aware of another possible Ark piece.   For more info, I recommend that you contact him directly.   Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you his.

If you would like to print a page with wallet sized photos of this 1989 photo, so that you can share this with family and friends, click here:       wallet sized 1989 photos

Here's a summary of the three Ark pieces and their locations.   The location of the piece in the 1989 photo has been updated based upon recently received information.

If you would like to print a one page poster with the above photos, so that you can share this information with family and friends, click here:

Noah's Ark Piece Locations

Here's why we are convinced that these photos show pieces of Noah's Ark:

1.   It was Ed Davis, who told Ark researcher, Ray Anderson, to look for a piece of the Ark with a very large timber protruding though the side.   Ray found this Ark piece, on a photo taken by Eryl Cummings in 1972 or 1973.   That is the piece in the enlarged photo at the above left at the top of this page.   For more information about Ed Davis's visit to Noah's Ark in 1943, click here:     Ed Davis's Visit to Noah's Ark!

2.   The top of Mt. Ararat is ice covered year round,- an area of at least 17 square miles.

3.   The three pieces shown above are in that, relatively small area, where at least 80% of the alleged sightings of Ark like objects, have taken place,- some from the ground, some from the air, and some from satellites.

4.   Only a person with much climbing experience, and in superior physical condition could climb to this location, even without carrying anything with which a person might build a structure.   Many strong experienced climbers have died, just attempting to reach this location.   To suggest that someone brought building materials up here to build something is ridiculous.   Simply breathing on Ararat requires a few days, just to get acclimated to the thin air.

5.   According to moon walking astronaut Jim Irwin, who has been on Mt. Ararat a number of times, and who nearly lost his life in a climbing accident on Ararat, " Mt. Ararat (nearly 16,945 ft., in eastern Turkey), with its loose rock, harsh winds, glaciers, deep gorges and landslides, is one of the most difficult mountains in the world to climb. "

6.   Irwin led teams up the slopes ( of Ararat ) five times.   On one of these he was knocked unconscious by a falling rock.   He lost several teeth and a lot of blood.   After spending the night alone in the cold above 14,000 ft, he was barely discovered in time by a team member.   Of the dangers of this mountain, Irwin wrote, " We faced risk of physical danger, for Ararat is a crumbling mountain.   Every few minutes we could hear rock slides and small avalanches.   We slept in numbing cold, fell on loose rock, dodged tumbling boulders, grew exhausted from high-altitude climbing, had feet sore with blisters, had painfully cracked lips from sunburn, received various cuts and nicks, all in pursuit of a hidden ... treasure. "   ( Noah's Ark )

7.   According to another experienced Ararat climber and researcher, "...on a sunny day, it can be quite comfortable even on the ice cap above 14,000 ft.   However with wind chill, and an overcast day, it can become subzero quite quickly.   Climbers in the last few years have frozen and died on Mt. Ararat. "

8.   In addition to the weather considerations, there are loose rocks and boulders, unfriendly wolf hounds, and even bears, terrorist activity, hazardous ice, sudden storms, hidden crevasses, etc.

9.   Ed Davis, a US military man, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, passed by the piece of the Ark shown at the top of this page, in 1943, after visiting another piece about 1000 ft. higher, and saw both pieces from a distance of no more than a few hundred ft.   Photos of the piece at the higher elevation are somewhat out of focus, but compare favorably with Ed Davis's description.

Msgt. Davis was escorted to the uppermost structure, by the male members of a Kurdish family, and got a good close look at it.   They passed by the piece, with the large timber coming from the side, on their way down the mountain.   He was viewed as a close friend of the Kurdish family, as he had helped supply water to their village.   The Abas family knew the location of these two pieces of the Ark, had a secret route, known only to them, complete with storehouse caves, and visited the Ark pieces, with some regularity, during the summer months of those years, when the ice pack was undergoing a severe melt back.   To the Kurds, the Ark was a holy object.   A more detailed account of Ed Davis's visit to the Ark can by found by clicking on the Ed Davis link below.   The 1989 photo by Dr. Arslan, is of a third piece of the Ark, which is about 1000 ft. further down the crevasse, and which was not seen by Sgt. Davis, and the Abas family, at the time of their 1943 visit.

10.   Eyewitnesses have agreed that the pieces of the Ark are in a state of virtually total petrification.   If any kind of arc imaging, or remote sensing, were be used in these locations, it is very likely that the signals would bounce off the Ark pieces, just as they would bounce off the rocky mountain subsurface.   The energy would not detect the pieces of the Ark as wood.

11.   Notice the similarity between the two structures,- the one at about 15,000 ft. and the one at 14,000 ft.   In both cases, the hull is virtually gone.   All that is visible is the interior supporting studs and girders.

12.   Mt. Ararat was considered impossible to climb until the mid 1800's.

There is only one logical conclusion.   These are photos of three of the existing pieces of Noah's Ark!   These statements are our conclusion.   Quotes from " scientific experts " will not prove us wrong.

How could anyone prove whether these pieces are pieces of Noah's Ark?   They couldn't!   Proof is virtually impossible, one way or the other.   Even if one took samples and found them to be dated at about 4600 years ago, that still wouldn't prove that they are part of the Ark.   Scoffers, and even professing Christians, who lack the faith to believe, demand proof.   It is easier to talk, and sit in front of a computer and blog, than to be willing to come to the most reasonable conclusion, based upon the existing evidence from scripture, and from archaeology.

One of the photos and a little of the information, on this page, came from the website.   You can go to their site by clicking here:
Noah's Ark Search Website

The Cummings photo, and the enlargements, on this page are copyright by the
Noah's Ark Fact Not Fiction Website .   Those pictures are copyrighted as follows:

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The photo below, shows what is quite possibly, another piece of Noah's Ark.   We know that is near the eastern summit of Mt. Ararat, in the upper region of Ahora Gorge, but don't know it's precise location.   Many have tried to convince me that this is just a rock.   I am yet to be convinced.   I have been given photos which appear to show this object blending into the rock wall of the Gorge.   But even that is strange,- the appearance of sticking out of the rock wall, the straight lines ( very rare in nature, except when caused by gravity ) the box like structure, plus what appears to be a window like structure on the top, the unusual colored portion on the side that some have thought might be a door,- there are just too many questions.

For some time, I have been attempting to locate any person who will claim to have seen this object with his/her own two eyes, or perhaps even touched the object.   Bob Garbe, the one who took the photo has tried to be helpful, but he has had to admit that he only saw the object in his photos.   Until someone comes forward with concrete information, this object has to be called a mystery object!

It appears now, that pieces of the Ark are in at least three areas,- a large broken piece at about 16,000 ft., near the eastern summit of Ararat, in a formation that has been described as an inverted fish hook, or a horseshoe, another large broken piece, in a crevasse of the Abich II glacier at about 15,000 ft., and a third piece about 1000 ft. below that one.

There is a lot of misinformation concerning Noah's Ark, on the internet.   Some of it is posted by people who are confused, and simply don't know any better.   CALLING NOAH'S ARK A "BOAT " HAS LED TO MANY FALSE CONCLUSIONS, such as calling that geologic formation in Iran, the Durupinar site, " Noah's Ark ".   Noah's Ark was just that, an ark, not a boat.   It was something like a floating barn, or a barge.

Some of the misinformation is deliberate deception,- out and out lies.   Evolutionists are fighting for their lives.   The existence of Noah's Ark is one more proof that the theory that they are peddling to students, as fact, is nothing more than out and out lies.   There are many who know the truth, but don't dare to say anything.   Some who know the truth have been threatened, and silenced in various ways.   Others may even have been killed!

A good example of this deception, concerns the eye witness testimony of Ed Davis.   Often they ridicule Ed saying that he couldn't have seen Mt. Ararat from Hamadan in Iran.   Guess what?   He never said that he did.   He said that he was stationed OUT OF HAMADAN, in other words, Hamadan was the location of his headquarters, not where he was, when he had the conversation with his driver, Badi Abas, about Mt. Ararat, and about the Ark.

If you would like more detailed information about Noah's Ark, click here:

Detailed Information About Noah's Ark!

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